Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Frog People

Kids do say the darnedest things!

A few days ago, I was talking to Isabel as we were walking home from her school. She was telling me all about school that day plus the normal randomness that she wanted to talk about. During our time she began telling me about the “Frog People.” I listened for a while like I normally do...you know...not really listening but nodding and saying, “That’s cool, honey.” Then she started telling me how excited she was to be moving to the “Frog People.” At this point, I became curious and started to actually pay attention because I knew she had been learning about all different kinds of cultures. She chattered on as she skipped down the path. Finally I asked her, “Do you mean the Prague People?” She looked straight up at me and gave me that “Uh, yeah dad! That’s what I said!” look.

So, yes. We are moving to Prague in the Czech Republic. Well, we will be there for at least 6 months to a year while all the changes with our company start to settle. We are going to Prague for now to start building relationships with the current members of the media team. This team will be responsible for all the work being done in Europe. Our team leader and his family are in the States until March, so we will be living in their apartment for the first few months. After they return to Prague, we will look for our own place to live.

Although we will be located in the Prague, I will still be responsible for the Germanic work plus probably the work being done in the Nordic countries. In March, we will re-evaluate our situation in Prague and decide if it is working or if we need to move to Germany.

Even though this has caused us some stress, this is a huge answer to prayer. We are very grateful that I can serve with other media people and we have always wanted to live in Prague. We have really had a sense of peace and patience during all these changes because God’s hand has been so evident. One of our greatest answers to prayer is the fact that Isabel and Madeline have been so flexible and good-hearted throughout all this. For those of you who know Isabel, you know she was NOT happy about moving to Germany in the beginning. The fact that Isabel and Maddie are now excited about going to Prague is such a blessing to us. This alone has lowered our stress level.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us. Please continue to pray because we aren’t there yet and we still don’t know where we will finally end up.

Prayer Request:
  • Wisdom for all those making travel plans and arrangements for us.
  • That the hard good byes over the holidays would go well.
  • For comforting for our family and friends that have to say those good byes.


Rod said...

P... Cade and I will start praying for the Frog People tonight... If I wasn't trapped in a cube serving out my daily sentence I would share this with as many people as I could... it is way to funny...

Love you guys... keep running...


Wayne said...

I remember a young lady, who screamed like she had been drenched with cold water down her back...while in Prague - the home of the Frog People. Aren't kids hilarious?!

Glad to hear you WANT to live in Prague...looks like our trips there had a purpose, huh?

ErinKH said...

Ugh, this is painful, we hate that you are leaving. Those frog people are so lucky!

Natalie K. said...

Philip & Dawn, Natalie w/ the Prague media team here. We are so excited about your arrival! Please know we're getting ready for the day you land in this beautiful city, and look forward to meeting your family. We're lifting you up as you continue in this time of transition. I'll be sending you an e-mail soon. Until then... :)


Jason said...

Hey Guys,

We are sorry you are not moving to Germany, but actually you will be much closer to us in Dresden now that you are in Prague. We are just two hours away and make it to Prague several times a year. We will have to hook up, and you all are welcome to come up and stay with us some time.

The Dietz (In Dresden, where Amy Harris is going.)

BeckyG said...

Please consider writing a book. You can turn a neutrally interesting topic and make it wildly entertaining. I just discovered ya'll's blog and I will start following it! God Bless! Becky Hamilton (Midland)