Monday, October 27, 2008

Get Ready...

Hello all and welcome to our first post!

We arrived here in Richmond last Monday in one piece... actually we were five pieces, but for the sake of clarity we will stick with one. The children did rather well during the long travel day. It was interesting to make notes about the trip, as it was a clear foreshadowing of our future hop over the atlantic.

The kids were not too scared of the plane, but Maddie did decide on the last leg that she would much rather ride in the car. Isabel put it rather succinctly when she announced that her favorite part of the trip was the very early ride in the church bus with Mark Nevels.

Once we arrived at The International Learning Center, heretofore know simply as the compound, we settled in rather quickly. Dawn and I did, however, walk around in a fog the first few days trying to comprehend being back here (we spent 6 weeks here training for our 2-year term in Germany). Slowly the fog lifted and we began the journey!

Step one of the journey:
Read our materials and note, much to our dismay, that we were chosen to be Small Group Facilitators.

Step two of the journey:
Grumble and think of ways we can sneak back to the airport...

Step three of the journey:
After resigning to the fact that the walk back to the airport was too far, we read what a Small Group Facilitator does and decided that it wasn't so bad.

So far our group sessions have not been entirely painful. We were put in a group of cynical introverts, which we can't relate to at all! :) It can only get better.

I do have a few things for you all to be in prayer about:
  1. Pray that we would have the focus needed to assimilate all that we are hearing.
  2. Pray that we would be able to deepen our walk amidst all the classes and assignments.
Ok. Catch ya later.